Hi and thank you for your interest in our Labrador Retriever puppies.  We moved from Kansas to Wyoming during the summer of 2012.  We raised English style Labrador Retrievers for almost 30 years in Kansas.  Because Jim and I were both in education, we raised Labs as a hobby.  Without the pressure to make money for a living from our dogs, we concentrated on improving our lines.  We took a great deal of care to make sure our Labs were dogs we could be proud of.  When we decided to move to Wyoming, we also decided to down size our life style.  We sold or petted out all of our Labs except for Jazz, our 10 year girl.  After about 18 months of trying to get over not having a house full of Labs and knowing that Jazz would not be with us for very much longer, we gave up and decided that we needed a young Lab back in our life.    I knew of Ridgeview Kennel from when we showed our yellow labrador, Stonie, in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  We brought this black, bouncy, full of life female Lab from Ohio into our life.  When Jazz passed away last spring, Micki had found her place in our hearts.  While the loss of Jazz was very hard on Jim, Micki helped the healing processing.

We live in Powell, Wyoming which is located about 70 miles from Yellowstone National Park.  The town is surrounded by mountains and Heart Mountain, a well-know site up here, is right outside our front window.  Jim is the principal at Powell High School (which he refers to as the greatest high school in the US).  I retired from Special Ed. teaching when we left Kansas.  This gives me the time for my two favorite past times - visiting my grandchildren in Kansas and Texas and raising a litter of pups once a year.  

Over the 30 years of raising English style Labradors, we placed our Labs in homes in most of the lower 48 states. Our dogs were raised for loyalty, intelligence, companionship, gentleness and hunting, .  Over the 30 years, we never had a dog returned to us or new owners disappointed in our dogs.   

I have found great people to help me learn about training dogs and how to compete.  I know am going to let my dogs be shown and compete whenever we are with grandchildren in Texas.  At sometime before Jim will want to retire (it may take a big stick to move him out of Wyoming) but my goal is to move around Dallas show dogs and spoil my grandchildren. They love our dogs and have been fantastic to have around our litters.